French antique table set

Table width: 97cm (38in)
item 1212 £790

French antique table set

Table diameter: 97cm (38in)
item 1229 £790

Limestone console table

Height: 71cm (28in)
Length: 1m (39.5in)
item 1170 £900

Antique teak chairs

Chair width: 68cm (26.75in)
item 1227 £Sold

Antique dining table and chairs

Table length: 1.8m (71in)
Width: 50cm (19.75in)
item 1187/8 £1750

Decorative cast iron table

Height: 67cm (26.25in)
Diameter of top: 51cm (20in)
item 1119 £650

A long Regency reeded seat

Width: 2.03m (80in)
Height: 1.08m (42.5in)
item 994 £2650

Antique four seater bench

Length: 1.8m (71in)
Height: 80cm (31.4in)
item 1215 £Sold