19th Century cast iron fountain.

Height: 96cm (38in) overall.
Width of bowl: 117cm (46in)
item 1330 £3800

Very large slate sink

Length: 1.62m (63.75in)
Width: 56cm (22in)
item 1339 £490

Four large wooden baskets

Heights: 50-69cm
Widths: from 42cm
item 1116 £360/set

Antique terracotta sundial

Height: 1m (39.5in) to top of gnomon
Diameter of top: 39cm (15.25in)
item 1240 £2250

Handyside cast iron fountain

Height: 1.15m (45.25in)
Basin width: 1m (39.5in)
item 1182 £3900

19th century mill stone

Diameter: 66cm (26in)
Depth: 4cm (1.5in)
item 1262 £130

Antique iron fountain spout

Overall length: 56cm (22in)
Pipe diameter: 40mm (1.5in)
item 1347 £140

Decorative antique terracotta pedestal

Height: 49cm (19in)
Width: 41cm (16in)
item 1169 £550

Three decorative wooden baskets

Heights: from 69cm (27in)
Widths: from 42cm (16.5in)
item 1117 £290/set

Antique boot scraper

Height: 27cm (10.5in)
Length: 42cm (15.5in)
item 1062 £170

Revolving summerhouse

Width:2.63m (103.5in)
Depth: 2.08m (82in)
item 965 £19,000

Rare Roman limestone aquaduct.

Sections are approx 1-2m long (39.4-78.7in)
Approx. 40m length total
item 623 £35,000

A large pub antique sign

Height: 1.22m (48in)
Width: 91cm (35.75in)
item 1039 £390

Antique birdbath

Length: 47cm (18.5in)
Width: 37cm (14.5in)
item 1343 £Sold

18thC carved stone wellhead

Height: 43cm (17in)
Width: 57cm (22.5in)
item 1338 £Sold