Antique copper Copper

Diameter: 77cm (30.25in)
Height: 38cm (15in)
item 1207 £480

Very large garden urn

Height: 65cm (25.5in)
Diameter: 1.04m (40in)
item 1121 £2750

Large antique terracotta urn

Height: 68cm (26.75in)
Diameter: 52cm (20.5in)
item 1141 £650

Large galvanised dolly tub

Height: 52cm (20.5in)
Width: 47cm (18.5in)
item 1148 £85

An original Compton planter

Height: 25cm (10in)
Diameter: 33cm (13in)
item 1181 £680

Antique copper Copper

Height: 40cm (15.75in)
Diameter: 56cm (22in)
item 1176 £395

Very wide antique Copper

Height: 41cm (16in)
Diameter: 82cm (32in)
item 1185 £590

Pair of 19th Century urns

Height: 61cm (24in)
Diameter: 47cm (18.5in)
item 1120 £1150

3ft. high terracotta planter

Width: 70cm (27.5in)
Height: 94cm (37in)
item 1021 £1150

Set of copper dairy bowls

Width: from 38cm (15in)
Height: 14cm (5.5in)
item 1174 £270 for the set

Pair of antique Handyside tazzas

Height overall: 1.12 (44in)
Diameter: 92cm (36in)
item 1114 £3900

Antique copper planter

Height: 36cm (14in)
Diameter: 46cm (18in)
item 1166 £260

Decorative antique vase

Height: 41cm (16in)
Width (widest point) 26cm (10in)
item 1184 £135

Original Blanchard urns

Height: 1.65m (5ft, 5 inches)
Width: 85cm (33.5in)
item 1028 £29,500

19thC copper planter

Height: 33cm (13in)
Diameter: 48cm (18.75in)
item 1161 £220

Pair of 19thC kale forcers

Height: 40cm (15.75in) and 41cm (16in)
item 1049a £360

Antique terracotta forcer

Height:41cm (16in)
Width of base 33cm (13in)
item 1049c £165

Large terracotta garden planters

Height overall: 35cm (13.75in)
Length: 60cm (23.5in)
item 1072 £580

Antique copper urn

Height: 31cm (12.25in)
Diameter: 46cm (18in)
item 1152 £185

Pair of urns on pedestals

Height: 77cm (30.25in)
Diameter: 42cm (16.5in)
item 1090 £390

19th Century copper

Height: 47cm (18.5in)
Diameter: 66cm (26in)
item 1186 £590

Antique terracotta planter

Height: 40cm (15.75in)
Width: 45cm (17.5in)
item 1168 £Sold