A large terracotta planter

Height: 58.5cm (23in)
Diameter at top: 70cm (27.5in)
item 992 £Sold

French antique buckets

Height: 47-51cm (18.5-20in)
Diameter: 46-53cm (18-21in)
item 940 £Sold

Huge antique limestone trough

Length: 2.27m (89.5in)
Height: 69cm (27in)
item 820 £Sold

Antique terracotta urn

Height: 1.02cm (40in)
Width: 44cm (17.25in)
item 961 £Sold

Antique classical figure of a maiden

Height overall: 1.87 (73.5in)
item 922 £Sold

A pair of life size antique lions

Height: 1.33m (52.5in)
Length: 1m (39.5in)
item 953 £Sold

Pair of large cast iron tazzas

Height on pedestals: 1.22m (48in)
Width of basin: 1.07m (42in)
item 952 £Sold

Pair of very large lead urns with topiary

Width: 100cm (39.5in)
Height: 90cm (35.5in)
item 956 £Sold

Antique stone lions

Height: 48.5cm (19in)
Width: 53.5cm (21in)
item 950 £Sold

Antique French patio set

Table diameter: 1.09 (43in)
item 943 £Sold

19th Century stone trough

Height: 46cm (18in)
Width: 147cm (58in)
Depth: 81cm (32in)
item 938 £Sold

18th C carved limestone lions

Height: 70cm (27.5in)
Width: 28cm (11in)
item 912 £Sold

Antique French limestone trough

Length: 1.74m (68.5in)
Height: 35cm (14in)
item 926 £Sold

A large pair of antique stone finials

Diameter: 46cm (18in)
item 866 £Sold

Antique garden bench

Height: 88cm (34.6in)
Width: 170cm (70in)
item 805 £Sold

Antique limewashed pot

Height: 94cm (37in)
Width: 48cm (19in)
item 963 £Sold

Late 19th Century garden bench

Height 80cm (31.5in)
Length 1.25m (49in)
item 855 £Sold

Late 18th Century carved limestone head

Height: 28cm (11in)
Width: 22cm (8.7in)
item 731 £Sold

A pair of Art Deco style planters

Height: 41cm (16in)
Width: 39cm (15.25in)
item 897 £Sold

19th Century marble pool surround

External: 1.84m (72.5in)
Internal: 1.59m (62.5in)
item 1018 £Sold

Pair of antique teak seats

Height: 67cm (26in)
item 1012 £Sold

A beautiful limestone wellhead

Height: 77cm (30.25)
Width/depth 95cm (37.5in)
item 967 £Sold

19th Century garden planter

Length: 78cm (30.5in)
Height: 16cm (6.25in)
item 933 £Sold

Small limestone wellhead

Height: 63cm (24.75in)
Width: 65cm (25.5in)
item 935 £Sold

Antique copper planter

Height: 35cm (14in)
Width: 44.5cm (17.5in)
item 999 £Sold

A faux bois seat

Width: 1.78m (70in)
Height: 82cm (32.25in)
item 997 £Sold

Two seater garden bench

Height: 82cm (32.25in)
Length: 1.07m (42in)
item 986 £Sold

Wrought iron garden gate

Height: 1.55m (61in)
Width: 1.02m (40in)
item 983 £Sold

19th Century limestone finials

Diameter: 30cm (12in)
item 995 £Sold

Limewashed garden urns

Height: 70cm (27.5in)
Diameter 49cm (19.25in)
item 941 £Sold

19th Century cast iron planter

Height: 37cm (14.5in)
Width: 52cm (20.5in)
item 942 £Sold

Pair of large Portland stone Corinthian capitols

Height: 66cm (26in)
Width: 66cm (26in)
item 602 £Sold

Limewashed garden planters

Height: 35cm (13.75in)
Width at rim: 35.5cm (14in)
item 931 £Sold

A large antique marble mortar with good patination

Height:33cm (13in)
Width 64cm wide (25.25in)
item 785 £Sold

A pair of monumental limestone lions

Height: 85cm (33.5in)
Width: 46cm square (18in)
item 758 £Sold

Pair of 19th Century Handyside cast iron urns

Overall height 122cm
Height of urn 61cm
Diameter 46cm
item 577 £Sold

Two-seater cast iron benches

Height: 90cm (35.5in)
Width: 103cm (41in)
item 818 £Sold

19th Century limestone Putti

Height: 104cm (41in)
Width: 41cm max (16in)
item 475 £Sold

A rare oval limestone trough, or planter

Length: 1.52m (60in)
Height: 860cm (34in)
item 908 £Sold

Antique fountain

Height overall: 138cm (54in)
Width of fountain basin: 110cm (43in)
item 861 £Sold

19thC wrought iron kiss gate

Height: 1.43m (56in)
Width: 93cm (36.5in)
item 867 £Sold

Pair of 19thC cast iron urns

Height: 37cm (14.5in)
Width: 66cm (26in)
item 834 £Sold

Beautiful antique limestone well head

Depth: 80cm (31.5in) square
Height: 74cm (29in)
item 904 £Sold

Large 18th Century staddlestone

Height:84cm (33in)
item 872 £Sold

Pair of antique staddlestones

Height: 69cm (27in)
item 869 £Sold

A teak Lister garden bench

Width: 1.27m (50in)
item 849 £Sold

Teak Lutyens bench

Height:107cm (42in)
Length: 167cm (65.75in)
Depth: 48cm (18.75in)
item 902 £Sold

Antique terracotta pedestals

Height: 65cm (25.5in)
Diameter at base: 38cm (15in)
item 778 £Sold

18thC limestone oculs sculpture

Length: 256cm (101in)
Width: 202cm (79.5in)
Depth: 42cm (16.5in)
item 826 £Sold

Pair of 19thC lead Putti

Height: 75cm (29.5in)
item 901 £Sold

Late 19th Century French garden table

Width: 1 meter (39in)
item 606 £Sold

An early 19th C limestone trough

Width: 61cm (24in)
Depth: 56cm (22in)
item 916 £Sold

Early 19th C limestone trough

Length: 1.5m (59in)
Height: 52cm (20.5in)
item 927 £Sold

19th Century sandstone trough

Height: 20cm (8in)
Width: 41cm (16in)
Depth: 58cm (23in)
item 813 £Sold

Large pair of antique eagles

Height: 97cm (38in)
item 878 £Sold

Antique cast iron garden bench

Length: 182cm (71.5in)
Height: 81cm (32in)
item 749 £650

Antique statue by Austin & Seeley

Height: 85cm (33.5in)
Width of base: 27cm (10.5in)
item 920 £Sold

Pair of large, antique sandstone ball finials.

Diameter: 40cm (15.75in)
item 910 £Sold

Antique cast iron Campana urn

Height: 75cm (29.5in)
Diameter: 59cm (23.2in)
item 806 £Sold

A lovely 19th Century Copper

Height including stand: 60cm (23.5in)
Width of Copper: 60cm (23.5in)
item 865 £490

Antique cast iron urns

Height: 61cm (24in)
Diameter: 47cm (18.5in)
item 919 £Sold

Pair of Victorian sea kale forcers

Height: 47cm (18.5in) (including lids)
Width: 33cm (13in)
item 894 £Sold

Decorative bronze fountainhead

Height: 24cm (9.5in)
Width: 16cm wide (6.25in)
item 932 £Sold

Cricket pavilion bench

Length: 1.82m (71.5in)
Height: 38cm (15in)
Depth: 37cm (14.5in)
item 907 £Sold

A lead birdbath held aloft by Cupid

Height: 70cm (27.5in)
Width of bowl: 41cm (16in)
item 885 £Sold

Large stone balls on plinths

Diameter: 47cm (18.5in)
Plinth: 57cm square (22.5in)
item 1019 £Sold

A long, French antique iron seat

Height: 74cm (29in)
Length: 1.89m (74.5in)
item 1236 £Sold

3ft. high terracotta planter

Width: 70cm (27.5in)
Height: 94cm (37in)
item 1021 £Sold

Grand stone basin

Height: 58.5cm (23in)
Diameter: 1.5m (59in)
item 1113 £Sold

Original Compton sundial

item 1189 £Sold

A large lead wall fountain

Depth (protrudes): 34cm (13.5in)
item 1144 £Sold

Large 19th Century tree seat

Height: 85cm (33.5in)
Overall diameter: 1.62m (63.75in)
item 1138 £Sold

Antique limestone birdbath

Height: 1.07m (42in)
Diameter of bowl: 50cm (19.75in)
item 1160 £Sold

Pretty plant stand

Height: 40cm (15.75in)
Width: 40cm (15.75in)
item 1136 £Sold

Coalbrookdale bootscrapers

Length: 44cm (17in)
Width: 34cm (13in)
item 1118 £Sold

Carved teak bench

Length: 1.6m (63in)
Height: 84cm (33in)
item 1092 £Sold

Beautiful weathervane

Overall height: 1.28m (50in)
Width: 64cm (25in)
item 1137 £Sold

Beautiful carved stone sundial

Height: 1.18m (46.5in)
Top width: 40cm square (15.75in)
item 1020 £Sold

An original Coalbrookdale bench

Length: 1.6m (63 in)
Height: 82cm (32.25in)
item 1045 £Sold

Antique lead dancing figure

Height: 89cm (35in)
item 1129 £Sold

Marble statue of Young Hercules

Height: 65cm (25.5in)
Width: 28cm (11in)
item 593 £Sold

Antique terracotta planters

Height: 28cm (11in)
Width: 40cm (15.75)
item 1228 £Sold

Large antique sphinx

Length: 99cm (39in)
Height: 56cm (22in)
item 1213 £Sold

Large circular planter

Height: 70cm (27.5in)
Width: 1.06 (41.75in)
item 1200 £Sold

Large garden urn

Height (including pedestal): 2.25m (88.5in)
Diameter: 67cm (26.5in)
item 1260 £Sold

Antique terracotta pots

Height: 8.5cm (3.5in)
Diameter: 8.5cm (3.5in)
item 0000 £195

Large antique ball finials

Height: 48cm (19in)
item 1130 £Sold

Large antique stone finials

Diameter: 48cm (18.75in)
item 1142 £Sold

Antique limestone trough

Height: 62cm (24.5in)
Length: 1.71m ( 67in)
item 1247 £Sold

19thC copper planter

Height: 31cm (12in)
Planter diameter 52cm (20.5in)
item 1234 £Sold

Very large garden urn

Height: 65cm (25.5in)
Diameter: 1.04m (40in)
item 1121 £Sold

Large copper urn

Height: 56cm (22in)
Diameter: 71cm (28in)
item 1230 £Sold

Antique Portland stone sundial

Height: 1.07
Diameter: 38cm
item 1222 £Sold

Lead-lined garden planter

Length/width: 75cm (29.5in) square
Height: 16cm (6.2in)
item 1223 £Sold

Antique teak chairs

Chair width: 68cm (26.75in)
item 1227 £Sold

Original Arras table set

Table diameter: 50cm (19.75in)
item 1235 £Sold

Limestone console table

Height: 71cm (28in)
Length: 1m (39.5in)
item 1170 £Sold

Compton apple pots

Height: 41cm (16in)
Width: 55cm (21.5in)
item 1037 £Sold

Large 19thC limewashed urn

Height: 80cm (31.5in)
Width: 45cm (17.75in)
item 962 £Sold

Antique stone grinding wheel

Width: 30cm (12in)
Depth 16cm (6in)
item 1011 £Sold

Antique copper Copper

Height: 48cm (19in)
Diameter: 65cm (25.5in)
item 1053 £Sold

Huge antique copper Copper

Height: 85cm (33.5in)
Diameter: 1.8m (71in)
item 944 £Sold

Beautiful antique Copper

Height: 57cm (22.5in)
Diameter: 80cm (31.5in)
item 1001 £Sold

Large antique cheese vat

Height: 67cm (26.5in)
Diameter: 1metre (39.5in)
item 1052 £Sold

Antique statue of Aphrodite

Height: 1.28m (50.25 in)
item 1056 £Sold

Antique statue of Venus

Height: 1.68m (66in)
Diameter: 40cm (16in)
item 1056 £Sold

Rare 18thC stone lions

Height overall: 82cm (32.25in)
Width of plinth: 39cm (15.25in)
item 1048 £Sold

Antique wooden bridge

Length: 5 metres (16ft)
Width: 1.75m (69in)
item n/a £Sold

A rare stone spirit cooler

Length: 2.18m (12in)
Width: 1.02cm (40in)
item 1009 £Sold

Pair of carved stone finials

Height: 38cm (15in)
Sphere diameter: 19cm (7.5in)
item 1002 £Sold

19th Century garden seat

Length: 1.59m (62.5in)
Height: 94cm (37in)
item 1013 £Sold

A pair of antique finials

Height: 55cm (21.5in)
Width: 30cm (12in)
item 996 £Sold

Large oak garden table and chairs

Table 1.85 diameter (72.75in)
item 959 £Sold

Antique stone sundial

Height: 1.12 (44in)
Width: 36(14in)
item 1264 £Sold

Decorative garden planters

Height: 49cm (19.25in)
Diameter: 50cm (19.75in)
item 1016 £Sold

Large antique tazzas

Height: 1.05m high overall (41in)
Diameter: 74cm (29in)
item 1064 £Sold

A large terracotta urn

Height: 84cm (33in)
Width: 62cm (24.5in)
item 1043 £Sold

Carved limestone dogs

Height: 63cm (25in)
Width: 21cm (8.25in)
item 1093 £Sold

Large antique garden urns

Height: 65cm (25.5in)
Diameter: 70cm (27.5in)
item 1120 £Sold

Antique copper planter

Height: 28cm (11in)
Diameter: 46cm (18in)
item 1065 £Sold

Antique limestone finials

Height: 68cm (27 in)
Width: 25cm (10in)
item 1007 £Sold

Pair of carved stone finials

Height: 39cm (15.5in)
Width: 50cm (19in)
item 1094 £Sold

Very large stone bench

Length: 2 metres (78.75in)
Width 52cm (20.5in)
item 1076 £Sold

Decorative cast iron urns

Diameter: 43cm (17in)
Height: 29cm (11.5in)
item 1022 £Sold

Pair of stone finials

Diameter: 35cm (13.75)
item 1102 £Sold

An antique stone bench

Length: 1.45m (57in)
Height: 48cm (18.75in)
item 1042 £Sold

Set of three Coppers

Height: 29 - 50cm (11.5-19.6in)
item 1065/6/7 £Sold

Large stone ball finials

Diameter: 42cm (16.5in)
item 1068 £Sold

Small antique stone trough

Width: 33cm (13in)
Height: 18cm (7in)
item 1027 £Sold

Large carved stone birdbath

90cm x 1.3 x 50cm high
item 002 £Sold

Antique model of a cat

Height: 48cm (19in)
item 1026 £Sold

Pair of life-size limestone dogs

Length: 99cm (39in)
Height: 69cm (27in)
item 868 £Sold

A late 19thC group of lead Putti

Height:85cm (33.5in)
Base: 37cm wide (14.5in
Depth: 35.5cm (14in)
item 777 £Sold

Stone ball finials

Diameter: 35cm (13.75in)
item 1070 £Sold

!8th Century granite markers

Height: 1.3m (51in) to 1.85m (73in)
item 791 £Sold

A pair of decorative antique teak benches

Length: 183cm (6ft.)
item 841 £Sold

A 17thC carved sandstone lizard

Height: 24cm (9.5in)
Length: 80cm (31.5in)
Depth: 37cm (14.5in)
item 812 £Sold

Late 19th/early 20thC stoneware sundial

Height of sundial: 1m (39.5in)
item 837 £Sold

Antique composition stone ball finials

Height: 55cm
item 827 £Sold

A beautiful terracotta olive pot with fabulous scale

Length: 1.4m (55in)
Width: 87cm (34in)
item 789 £Sold

Large 18th Century limestone wellhead

Height overall: 1.7m (67in)
Width of stone: 1 meter (39.5in)
item 842 £Sold

A large antique terracotta planter

Height: 50cm (19.5in)
Width: 55cm (21.5in)
item 850 £Sold

Antique two-seater bench

Height: 97cm (38in)
Width: 1.1m (43in)
item 838 £Sold

A pair of large limestone urns

Height: 1.6m (63in)
Base diameter: 50cm (19.5in)
item 821 £Sold

Antique composition stone statue of Pan.

Height: 1.82m (71.5in)
item 851 £Sold

Antique carved limestone folly

Height: 3.2m
Width/depth: 95cm square
item 222 £Sold

Monumental sculptural monoliths

Height: from 1.3m high (51in) to 2.8m (110in)
item 864 £Sold

A well-weathered antique cast iron trough or planter

Length: 97cm (38.25in)
Width: 66cm (26in)
item 784 £Sold

An antique D-shaped sandstone trough

Height: 28cm (11in)
Width: 63cm (25in)
Depth: 54cm (21in)
item 744 £Sold

A beautiful antique staddlestone

Height 78cm (30.7in)
Width of top: 56cm (22in)
item 759 £Sold

An antique Cotswold limestone staddle stone

Height: 77cm (30in)

item 846 £Sold

A pair of decorative stoneware pumpkins.

Width: 39cm (15.5in)
Height: 41cm (16in)
item 845 £Sold

Very large 19thC stone trough

Length: 2.22m (87in)
Width: 1.03m (40.5in)
item 1004 £Sold

French lion mask

Height: 40cm (15.75in)
Width 40cm (15.75in)
item 1058 £Sold

19thC Limestone door entrance

Height 2.76m(108.6in)
Width 2m (78.7in)
item 619 £Sold

Decorative composition stone ballustrade

Length: 10 meters (394in)
Height: 78cm (30.5in)
item 852 £Sold

Antique stone flame finials

Height: 1.6m (63in)
Base diameter: 50cm (19.5in)
item 821 £Sold

Antique French limestone trough

Length: 73cm (28.75in)
Height: 27cm (10.5in)
item 905 £Sold

Bromsgrove Guild lead fountain

Height of figure: 94cm (37in)
item 1143 £Sold

Carved limestone ball finials

Width: 28cm (11in)
item 1000 £Sold

Original Arras garden seats

item 1214 £Sold

Elegant limestone garden seat

Width: 1.8m (71in)
Height: 55cm (21.5in)
item 936 £Sold

Antique lead statue of a small deer

Height: 33cm (13in)
Length: 50cm (19.7in)
item 733 £Sold

A long 19thC wooden bench

Height: 39cm (15.5in)
Length: 1.48m (58.25in)
item 1040 £Sold

Statue of a female figure

Overall height: 1.34 metres (53in)
item 985 £Sold

A pair of large antique eagles

Height: 90cm (35.5in)
Width: 65cm (25.5in)
item 993 £Sold

Beautiful wrought iron garden seat

Height: 1m (39.5in)
Width: 1.54m (60.5in)
item 840 £Sold

Large limestone ball finials

Height: 77cm (30.3in)
Ball diameter: 46cm (18.11in)
item 1099 £Sold

A 19th century boot scraper

Height: 35cm (13.75in)
Width: 45cm (17.5in)
item 1055 £Sold

Antique limestone garden trough

Width: 83cm (32.5in)
Depth: 71cm (28in)
item 966 £Sold

Pair of very large limestone finials

Height: 1.25m (49.25in)
Overall width 65cm (25.5in)
item 980 £Sold

Pair of French garden tables

Length: 1.18m (46.5in)
Width: 78cm (30.5in)
item 1017 £Sold

A late 19th Century lead figure of a shepherdess

Height: 152cm (60in)
item 581 £Sold

Antique terracotta lions

95cm (37.4in) long
35cm (13.75in) wide
item 1003 £Sold

Antique garden table and chairs

Table diameter: 97cm (38in)
Chair height: 89cm (35in)
item 1014 £Sold

A large antique tree seat

Height: 85cm (33.5in)
Diameter: 1.7m (67in)
item 1183 £Sold

19th Century reeded garden seat

Height: 95cm (37.5in)
Width: 1.59m (62.5in)
item 839 £Sold

A pair of antique lead greyhounds

Height: 57cm (including plinth) 22.5in
Length: 1.25m (49in)
item 964 £Sold

Very large limestone finials

Height:94cm (37in)
Width: 49cm (19.25in)
item 972 £Sold

Antique composition stone figure of the bathing Venus

Height: 115cm (45in)
Width: 36cm (14in)
item 747 £Sold

Carved antique stone cat

Height: 37cm (14.5in)
Depth: 26cm (10.25in)
item 1110 £Sold

Pair of antique lead planters

Height: 39cm (15.25in)
Width: 46cm (18in)
item 957 £Sold

Beautifully patinated original trough

Length: 1.71m (67.25in)
Width: 80cm (31.5in)
item 1006 £Sold

An original Coalbrookdale seat

Width: 130cm (51in)
Height: 85cm (33.5in)
item 958 £Sold

A large Copper copper

Height: 41cm (16in)
Width: 56.5cm (22in)
item 998 £Sold

Beautiful, carved antique limestone planter c. 1820

Height incl. plinth: 107cm (42in)
Width at top : 76cm (30in)
item 705 £Sold

Large limestone trough

Length: 1.97m (77.5in)
Width: 1.03cm (40.5in)
item 1008 £Sold

Antique stone pool surround

Pool diameter: 2.5m (98.5in)
Height of stone: 36cm (14in)
item 1254 £Sold

19thC stone mill wheels

Width: 41cm and 48.5cm
item 1164 £Sold

Three antique planters

Height: 37cm (14.5in)
Diameter: 40cm (15.75in)
item 1106/8 £Sold

Late 19th Century cast iron window frame

1.15m (45.2in) square
item 708 £Sold

Antique terracotta sundial

Height 1.28m (50.5in)
Base diameter 62cm (24.5in)
Top 41cm square (16in)
item 854 £Sold

Antique bronze garden urn

Height: 29cm (11.25in)
Width: 1.03m (40.5in)
item 981 £Sold

Set of five, small staddlestones

Height: 43cm (17in)
Width: 42cm (16.5in)
at the widest point
item 730 £Sold

Monumental limestone wellhead

Depth: 133 cm (52in)
Width: 133cm (52in)
Overall height: 183cm (74cm)
item 892 £Sold

19th century garden roller

Overall height: 1.55m (61in)
Width of roller: 68cm (26.75in)
item 934 £Sold

A pair of antique composition stone garden planters

Height: 84cm (33in)
Width: 76cm (29.9in)
item 586 £Sold

Large antique Copper

Diameter: 77cm (30in)
Height: 52cm (20.5in)
item 1023 £Sold

Composition stone badger

Height: 19cm (7.48in)
Length: 57cm (22.4in)
item 697 £Sold

Pair of Compton Leix pots

Height: 34cm (13.5in)
Width: 52cm (20.5in)
item 1038 £Sold

Take home a piece of Chelsea 2016

80cm x 65cm x 74cm high
item 004 £Sold

Scottish stoneware urn c.1870 on pedestal

Height: 112cm (44in) overall
Urn 63cm (24.8in) high
Diameter: 54cm (21.3in)
item 684 £Sold

A pair of late 19th Century cast iron windows

Diameter: 1.39m
item 534 £Sold

Pair of cast iron urns dated 1884

Height: 120cm (47.2in)
Diameter: 48cm (18.9in)
item 578 £Sold

A pair of antique composition stone lions

Overall height: 40cm (15.5in)
Overall length: 66cm (26in)
item 737 £Sold

Antique copper Copper

Height: 45cm (17.75in)
Diameter: 62cm (24.5in)
item 1091 £Sold

19thC copper planter

Height: 51cm (20in)
Diameter: 67cm (26.5in)
item 1067 £Sold

A large, antique Portland stone birdbath

Height: 105cm (41.3in)
Diameter 75cm (29.5in)
item 410 £Sold

A decorative, early 19th century clam shell

Height: 22cm (8.5in)
Width: 66cm (26in)
Depth: 42cm (16.5in)
item 762 £Sold

Carved Cotswold stone loggia

Height: 3.25m (128in)
Width: 3.25m (128in)
Depth: 3.25m (128in)
item 611 £Sold

Terracotta tree trunk planters

Height: 35-37cm (13.75-14.5in)
item 1179/1180 £Sold

A pair of large stone ball finials

Diameter 43cm (17in)
item 775 £Sold

19th Century lead statue of Mercury

Height: 113cm (44.5in)
item 816 £Sold

Beautiful 18thC limestone staddle

Height: 79cm (31in)
item 831 £Sold

Beautifully patinated antique staddle stone

Height: 75cm (29.5in)
Diameter of top: 58cm (23in)
item 810 £Sold

Antique bronze wall fountain

Height: 65cm (25.5in)
Width: 55cm (21.5in)
item 822 £Sold

Decorative antique Arras plant stand

Height: 83cm (33in)
Width: 1.25m (49in)
item 811 £Sold

A beautifully weathered pair of antique ball finials

Height overall: 50cm (20in)
Diameter of ball:27cm (10.5in)
item 827 £Sold

Antique French limestone bench

Length: 1.81m (71in)
Width: 37.5cm (14.5in)
item 823 £Sold

A very long antique garden bench

Length: 2.42m long (95in)
Height: 77cm high (30in)
item 729 £Sold

A three-seater antique wrought iron bench

Width: 179cm (70.5in)
Height: 80cm (31.5in)
item 786 £Sold

A pair of monumental carved stone ball finials.

Height: 107cm (42in)
item 775 £Sold

Early 19thC sandstone troughs

Height: 24cm (9.5in)
Width: 51cm (20in)
Depth: 65cm (25.5in)
item 812 £Sold

An early 20th Century lead birdbath

Height: 74cm (29in)
Width of bowl: 42cm (16.5in)
item 788 £Sold

Antique teak garden bench

Length: 135cm (53in)
item 816 £Sold

An attractive, large wrought iron weathervane

Height: 230cm (90.5in)
Width: 94cm (37in)
item 755 £Sold

A decorative, 19th Century cast iron fountain.

Height: 96cm (38in) overall.
Width of bowl: 117cm (46in)
item 801 £Sold

An original Coalbrookdale bench

Height: 87cm (34in)
Width: 1.83m (72in)
item 803 £Sold

Antique lead garden fountain of a boy with a fish.

Height: 105cm (41.5in)
item 800 £Sold

A decorative pair of antique composition stone garden planters

Height: 47cm (18in)
Width: 60cm (23.5in)
item 780 £Sold

A pair of late 19th century round lead planters

Height: 40cm (15.7in)
Diameter: 49cm (19.3in)
item 734 £Sold

Large antique composition stone bowl

Width: 128cm (50in)
Height: 42cm (16.5in)
item 726 £Sold

Bronze bust of a lady

Height: 58cm (22.8in)
Width:37cm (14.5in)
item 73 £Sold

Late 18th Century Priest's door

Height: 171cm (67in)
Width: 60cm (23.5in)
item 753 £Sold

Set of five antique terracotta rhubarb forcers

Height: 43cm (17in)
Max width: 38cm (15in)
item 725 £Sold

Large, late 19thC Austin and Seeley vase

Overall height: 136cm (53.5in)
Diameter 96cm (36in)
item 748 £Sold

Antique cast iron bench with wooden slats

Length: 127cm (50 in)
item 686 £Sold

Antique teak bench

Height: 84cm (33in)
Length: 136cm (53.5in)
Depth: 58cm (22.5in)
item 604 £Sold

A pair of antique, rectangular lead planters

Length: 103cm (40.5in)
Height: 22cm (18.6in)
Depth: 32cm (12.6in)
item 735 £Sold

A pair of large antique Foo Dogs

Height: 1m (39in)
Width: 40 (16in)
Depth: 53 (21in)
item 756 £Sold

An attractive, well-weathered limestone bowl

Width: 45cm (17.5in)
Height: 19cm tall (7.5in)
item 767 £Sold

Regency-style limestone urns

Height 82cm (32in)
Diameter: 63cm (24.8in)
item 584 £Sold

Antique bronze Meiji crane

item 153 £Sold

An antique French table set

item 238 £Sold

An antique Copper copper - large and with great patination

Height: 70cm (27.5in)
Width: 95.5cm (37.5in)
item 781 £Sold

Very large 19th Century terracotta olive pot

Height: 1.3m (51in)
Width: 1.15m (42in)
at the widest point
item 653 £Sold

Composition stone birdbath

item n/a £Sold

Long, antique garden bench

item 580 £Sold

19th Century Townley Vase

item n/a £Sold

Late 18th Century limestone wellhead

Height: 64cm (25in)
81cm (31.8in) square
item 690 £Sold

A cast iron rustic seat c. 1870

Height: 78cm (31.5in)
Width: 1.27m (50in)
item 647 £Sold

Four Liberty planters

item 452 £Sold

An antique figure in lead

item 361 £Sold

Small teak garden bench

item 356 £Sold

Antique Blashfield urn

item 300 £Sold