Antique limestone staddle stone

Height: 70cm (27.5in)
item 1209 £290

Large patinated trough

Length: 1.5m (59in)
Width: 82cm (32.5cm)
item 1204 £4500

Early 19thC wellhead

Overall height 2.47m (97in)
Stone diameter: 84cm (33in)
item 1107 £4200

Long 18thC stone trough

Length: 2.17m (85.5in)
Width: 88cm (34.5in)
item 1201 £4900

Pair of monumental troughs

Length: 2.13m (83.75in)
Width: 1.05m (41in)
item 1198 £9500

18th Century stone trough

Length: 1.37m (54in)
Width: 79cm (31in)
item 1202 £2650

Large circular planter

Height: 70cm (27.5in)
Width: 1.06 (41.75in)
item 1200 £4400

Cotswold staddle stone

Height: 64cm (25in)
item 1206 £340

Huge limestone trough

Length: 2.35m (92.5in)
Width: 1.12 (44in)
item 1196 £5500

18th Century stone planter

Length: 80cm (31.5in)
Width: 55cm (21.5in)
item 1157 £380

Antique limestone trough

Length: 1.43m (56in)
Width: 89cm (35in)
item 1197 £2900

Very large antique trough

Width: 1.05m (41.5in)
Length: 1.97m (77.5in)
item 1077 £3900

Antique stone planter

Height: 17cm (6.5in)
Width: 53cm (20.75in)
item 1162 £235

Beautiful 18thC sandstone trough

Length: 98cm (38.5in)
Width: 60cm (23.5in)
item 1158 £420

18thC wellhead

Height: 47cm (18.5in)
Width: 1.08 x 1.08 (42.5in square)
item 1112 £2450

Large antique trough

Length: 1.48m (58in)
Width: 90cm (35.5in)
item 1156 £3550

Antique staddlestone

Height: 76cm (30in)
item 1205 £Sold

Large limestone staddlestone

Height: 94cm (37in)
item 1172 £Sold

A tall limestone staddlestone

Height: 74cm (29in)
item 1034 £Sold

Beautiful stone wellhead

Height of stone: 59cm (23in)
Stone base: 94 x 96cm (37 x 38in)
item 1111 £Sold