A large round limestone trough

Height: 78cm (30.5in)
Diameter: 93cm (36.5in)
item 1394 £4900

A lovely, carved limestone planter

Length: 1.66m (65.5in)
Width: 85cm (33.5in)
item 1370 £3500

Large circular 18thC trough

Height: 73cm (28.5in)
Diameter: 1.07m (42in)
item 1393 £4400

Large, 18thC limestone planter

Height: 74cm (29in)
Diameter: 98cm (38.5in)
item 1392 £4900

Large cistern shaped stone trough

Length: 1.83m (72cm)
Height: 85cm (33.5in)
item 1397 £4500

Huge 18thC staddlestone

Height: 1m (39in)
Diameter of top: 60cm (23.5in)
item 1352 £450

18thC limestone trough

Length: 1.28m (50.4in)
Width: 68cm (26.7in)

item 1284 £3200

Galvanised planter

Length: 1.11 (43.5in)
Width: 88cm (34.5in)
item 1318 £320

Early 19thC wellhead

Overall height 2.47m (97in)
Stone diameter: 84cm (33in)
item 1107 £4200

18thC wellhead

Height: 47cm (18.5in)
Width: 1.08 x 1.08 (42.5in square)
item 1112 £2450

Monumental limestone trough

Length: 2.54m (100in)
Width: 1.11m (43.5in)
item 1290 £4400

Antique stone D trough

Height: 34cm (13.5in)
Length: 79cm (31in)
item 1431 £650

Large limestone trough

Length: 1.85m (73in)
Width: 99cm (39in)
item 1278 £4500

Large limestone trough

Length: 2.03m (80in)
Width: 92cm (36in)
item 1295 £4200

18thC open fronted trough

Width: 1.5m (59in)
Depth: (front to back) 95cm (37.5in)
item 1371 £950

Limestone garden planter

Length: 1.37m (54in)
Width: 75cm (29.5in)
item 1281 £3200

Beautifully patinated limestone trough

Length: 2.11m (83in)
Width: 1.07m (42in)
item 1395 £Sold

Monumental wellhead

1.4m square (55in)
Height: 76cm (30in)
item 1249 £Sold