Twin handled antique copper

Height: 34cm (13.5in)
Diameter at base: 49cm (19.25in)
item 1688 £295

Large copper copper

Height: 45cm (17.5in)
Diameter: 72cm (28.5in)
item 1674 £390

Gorgeous large copper copper

Height: 45cm (17.5in)
Diameter: 72cm (28.5in)
item 1673 £390

19thC copper copper

Height: 48cm (19in)
Diameter: 71cm (28in)
item 1617 £420

Gorgeous 18thC stone planter

Diameter: 52cm (20.5in)
Height: 31cm (12in)
item 1652 £680

Circular rustic stone planter

Diameter: 54cm (21in)
Height: 30cm (12in)
item 1654 £680

Antique stone planter

Diameter: 60cm (23.5in)
Height: 33cm (13in)
item 1653 £680

A beautiful, large 19thC planter

Height: 43cm (17in)
Diameter: 68cm (27in)
item 1596 £420

Antique copper with iron handles

Height: 31cm (12in)
Diameter: 66cm (26in)
item 1588 £380

Amazing scale 19thC copper

Height: 70cm (27.5in)
Diameter at top: 96cm (37.75in)
item 1550 £2250

Large 19th Century cast iron tazza

Height: 96cm (38in) overall.
Width of bowl: approx. 117cm (46in)
item 1330 £3500

19th century garden urn

Overall height: 1.02m (40in)
Bowl diameter: 68cm (26.75in)
item 1241 £1650

Antique stone urns on pedestals

Height: 1.22m (48in)
Width of urn: 50cm (19.5in)
item 1506 £3550

Pair of large composition stone urns.

Height: 1.04m (41in)
Diameter: 62cm (24.5in)
item 1538 £2250

Towering cast iron urn on pedestal

Height 2.59m (102in)
item 1409 £7900

Pair of antique Handyside tazzas

Height overall: 1.12 (44in)
Diameter: 92cm (36in)
item 1114 £2900

Large twin handled copper

Height with lid: 83cm (32.5in)
Diameter: 65cm (25.5in)
item 1442 £495