Large 18thC stone finials

Height excluding pedestals: 1.42m (56in)
Width: 70cm (27.5in)
item 1361 £7900

Pair of ball finials on soccles

Overall height: 62cm (24.5in)
Ball diameter: 31cm (12.25in)
item 1727 £Sold

Large antique ball finials

Diameter: 30cm (12in)
item 1768 £Sold

Pair of limestone gate finials

Height: 26cm (10in)
Width: 26cm (10in)
item 1828 £650

Pretty old oak gate

Height: 99cm (39in)
Width: 91cm (36in)
item 1708 £Sold

Antique iron gate

Height: 68cm (27in)
Width: 1.07m (42in)
item 1629 £340