Original oak Gaze Burvill bench

Length: 1.7m (67in)
item 1648 £Sold

Country house garden seats

Maximum length: 1.99m (78in)
At highest: 1.10m (43in)
item 1649 £Sold

Pair decorative lead planters

Diameter: 42cm (16.5in)
Height: 30cm (12in)
item 1666 £Sold

Large 19thC limestone finials

Diameter: 35cm (13.75in)
item 1388 £Sold

Oak country house gate

Height: 1.19m (47in)
Width: 100cm (39in)
item 1659 £Sold

Large garden planters

Height: 76cm (30in)
Width : 54cm (21in)
item 1626 £Sold

A rare Coade stone statue

Height: 137cm(54in)
Width: 43cm (17in)
item 1044 £Sold

Large antique cast iron tazza

Height: 57cm (22.5in)
Width of bowl: 1m (39in)
item 1458 £Sold

Rare size antique trough

Length: 1.74m (68.5in)
Width: 1.32m (52in)
item 1802 £Sold

Rare, monumental finials

Height: 1.65m (5ft, 5in)
Width: 85cm (33.5in)
item 1028 £Sold

19thC terracotta statue

Height: 1.32 (52in)
item 1263 £Sold

Pair of early 20th century lead statues

Height:130cm (51in)
Base is 33cm square(13in)
item 1839 £Sold

Huge 19thC patinated copper

Diameter: 1.74m (68.5in)
Height: 83cm (32.5in)
item 1901 £5500

Early Arras bench c. 1850

Length: 1.48m (58in)
Height: 83cm (32.5in)
item 1815 £Sold

Wirework garden seats

Length (of each seat) 1.09m (43in)
Height: 82cm (32in)
item 1769 £Sold

Pair of antique iron plant stands.

Height: 74cm (29in)
Width of each: 1.4m (55in)
item 1807/8 £Sold

Large terracotta basketweave pots

Height: 30cm (12in)
Width: 40cm (15.75in)
item 1721 £Sold

Pair of late 18thC stone planters

Height: 33cm (13in)
Diameter at top: 34cm (13.5in)
item 1906 £Sold

18thC stone font

Height: 87cm (34.25in)
Top width 47cm x 47cm (18.5in)
item 1888 £950

Large composition stone deer.

Height: 57cm (22.5in)
Length: 90cm (35.5in)
item 1298 £Sold

Large 18thC copper watering can

Height: 40cm (16.75in)
Overall length: 61cm (24in)
item 1504 £Sold

19thC cast iron urns

Height with pedestal: 1.24m (48.75in)
Width of urn at rim: 43cm (17in)
item 1457 £Sold

Antique Coalbrookdale fountain

Height: 1.34m (52.75in)
Largest bowl diameter: 75cm (29.5in)
item 1458 £Sold

Four antique limestone planters

Height: 42cm (16.5in)
Width at rim: 46cm (18in)
item 1529 £Sold

Rare demi lune wall fountain

Height: 60cm (24in)
Overall width: 1.10 (43.25in)
item 1533 £Sold

Handyside cast iron fountain

Height: 1.15m (45.25in)
Basin width: 1m (39.5in)
item 1182 £Sold

Stunning antique stone sundial

Height to tip of gnomon: approx 1.17m (46in)
Overall diameter: approx 51cm (20in)
item 1362 £Sold

19th Century Italian gates

Height: 2.34m (92in)
Width: 1.38m (54.25in)
item 1061 £Sold

Rare set of six lead planters

Height: 48cm
Width: 54cm
item 1315 £Sold

Antique terracotta sundial

Height: 1m (39.5in) to top of gnomon
Diameter of top: 39cm (15.25in)
item 1240 £Sold

A large, rare 17thC Biot

Height: 94cm (37in)
Widest point: 65cm (25.5in)
item 1296B £Sold

Pair of very large lead urns with topiary

Width: 100cm (39.5in)
Height: 90cm (35.5in)
item 956 £Sold

A long Regency reeded seat

Width: 2.03m (80in)
Height: 1.08m (42.5in)
item 994 £Sold

18th C carved limestone lions

Height: 70cm (27.5in)
Width: 28cm (11in)
item 912 £Sold

18thC limestone oculs sculpture

Length: 256cm (101in)
Width: 202cm (79.5in)
Depth: 42cm (16.5in)
item 826 £Sold

Antique faux bois garden bridge

Length: 1.61m (63.5in)
Width: 51cm (20in)
item 1398 £Sold

A pair of monumental limestone lions

Height: 85cm (33.5in)
Width: 46cm square (18in)
item 758 £Sold

Two-seater cast iron benches

Height: 90cm (35.5in)
Width: 103cm (41in)
item 818 £Sold

19thC wrought iron kiss gate

Height: 1.43m (56in)
Width: 93cm (36.5in)
item 867 £Sold

Pair of 19thC lead Putti

Height: 75cm (29.5in)
item 901 £Sold

Large pair of antique eagles

Height: 97cm (38in)
item 878 £Sold

Antique statue by Austin & Seeley

Height: 85cm (33.5in)
Width of base: 27cm (10.5in)
item 920 £Sold

Teak Lutyens bench

Height:107cm (42in)
Length: 167cm (65.75in)
Depth: 48cm (18.75in)
item 902 £Sold

Grand stone basin

Height: 58.5cm (23in)
Diameter: 1.5m (59in)
item 1113 £Sold

Large 19th Century tree seat

Height: 85cm (33.5in)
Overall diameter: 1.62m (63.75in)
item 1138 £Sold

17thC carved marble surround

Diameter: 2.56 (101in)
Height: 38cm (15in)
item 1314 £Sold

Large garden urn

Height (including pedestal): 2.25m (88.5in)
Diameter: 67cm (26.5in)
item 1260 £Sold

Antique terracotta pots

Height: 8.5cm (3.5in)
Diameter: 8.5cm (3.5in)
item 0000 £195

Huge antique copper Copper

Height: 85cm (33.5in)
Diameter: 1.8m (71in)
item 944 £Sold

Antique statue of Venus

Height: 1.68m (66in)
Diameter: 40cm (16in)
item 1056 £Sold

Rare 18thC stone lions

Height overall: 82cm (32.25in)
Width of plinth: 39cm (15.25in)
item 1048 £Sold

Antique wooden bridge

Length: 5 metres (16ft)
Width: 1.75m (69in)
item n/a £Sold

Marble statue of Young Hercules

Height: 65cm (25.5in)
Width: 28cm (11in)
item 593 £Sold

Compton apple pots

Height: 41cm (16in)
Width: 55cm (21.5in)
item 1037 £Sold

Antique limestone finials

Height: 68cm (27 in)
Width: 25cm (10in)
item 1007 £Sold

!8th Century granite markers

Height: 1.3m (51in) to 1.85m (73in)
item 791 £Sold

A pair of decorative antique teak benches

Length: 183cm (6ft.)
item 841 £Sold

A beautiful terracotta olive pot with fabulous scale

Length: 1.4m (55in)
Width: 87cm (34in)
item 789 £Sold

A late 19thC group of lead Putti

Height:85cm (33.5in)
Base: 37cm wide (14.5in
Depth: 35.5cm (14in)
item 777 £Sold

Antique composition stone statue of Pan.

Height: 1.82m (71.5in)
item 851 £Sold

Antique carved limestone folly

Height: 3.2m
Width/depth: 95cm square
item 222 £Sold

Monumental sculptural monoliths

Height: from 1.3m high (51in) to 2.8m (110in)
item 864 £Sold

19thC Limestone door entrance

Height 2.76m(108.6in)
Width 2m (78.7in)
item 619 £Sold

Antique stone flame finials

Height: 1.6m (63in)
Base diameter: 50cm (19.5in)
item 821 £Sold

Decorative composition stone ballustrade

Length: 10 meters (394in)
Height: 78cm (30.5in)
item 852 £Sold

Bromsgrove Guild lead fountain

Height of figure: 94cm (37in)
item 1143 £Sold

Elegant limestone garden seat

Width: 1.8m (71in)
Height: 55cm (21.5in)
item 936 £Sold

A late 19th Century lead figure of a shepherdess

Height: 152cm (60in)
item 581 £Sold

Beautiful wrought iron garden seat

Height: 1m (39.5in)
Width: 1.54m (60.5in)
item 840 £Sold

Large limestone ball finials

Height: 77cm (30.3in)
Ball diameter: 46cm (18.11in)
item 1099 £Sold

A pair of antique lead greyhounds

Height: 57cm (including plinth) 22.5in
Length: 1.25m (49in)
item 964 £Sold

An original Coalbrookdale seat

Width: 130cm (51in)
Height: 85cm (33.5in)
item 958 £Sold

Antique stone pool surround

Pool diameter: 2.5m (98.5in)
Height of stone: 36cm (14in)
item 1254 £Sold

Beautiful, carved antique limestone planter c. 1820

Height incl. plinth: 107cm (42in)
Width at top : 76cm (30in)
item 705 £Sold

Take home a piece of Chelsea 2016

80cm x 65cm x 74cm high
item 004 £Sold

Pair of Compton Leix pots

Height: 34cm (13.5in)
Width: 52cm (20.5in)
item 1038 £Sold

A decorative, early 19th century clam shell

Height: 22cm (8.5in)
Width: 66cm (26in)
Depth: 42cm (16.5in)
item 762 £Sold

Carved Cotswold stone loggia

Height: 3.25m (128in)
Width: 3.25m (128in)
Depth: 3.25m (128in)
item 611 £Sold

Decorative antique Arras plant stand

Height: 83cm (33in)
Width: 1.25m (49in)
item 811 £Sold

An attractive, large wrought iron weathervane

Height: 230cm (90.5in)
Width: 94cm (37in)
item 755 £Sold

An original Coalbrookdale bench

Height: 87cm (34in)
Width: 1.83m (72in)
item 803 £Sold

Large, late 19thC Austin and Seeley vase

Overall height: 136cm (53.5in)
Diameter 96cm (36in)
item 748 £Sold

Regency-style limestone urns

Height 82cm (32in)
Diameter: 63cm (24.8in)
item 584 £Sold

Antique bronze Meiji crane

item 153 £Sold

Very large 19th Century terracotta olive pot

Height: 1.3m (51in)
Width: 1.15m (42in)
at the widest point
item 653 £Sold

Composition stone birdbath

item n/a £Sold

19th Century Townley Vase

item n/a £Sold

Four Liberty planters

item 452 £Sold

Small teak garden bench

item 356 £Sold

Antique Blashfield urn

item 300 £Sold