Stunning large stone planter

Height: 78cm (31in)
Diameter: 1.11m (43.5in)
item 1730 £5500

A lovely old galvanised planter

Height: 62cm (24.4in)
Width /depth both 59cm (23.2in)
item 1711 £195

Very long antique stone planter

Length: 2.48m (97.5in)
Width: 65cm (25.5in)
item 1677 £5500

Stunning very long stone trough

Length: 2.65m (104.5in)
Width: 55cm (21.5in)
item 1676 £5500

Large riveted galvanised planter

Length: 1.21m (47.5in)
Width: 60cm (24in)
item 1740 £225

18th century stone garden trough

Length: 1.35m (53in)
Width: 85cm (33.5in)
item 1744 £Reserved

18th century stone garden trough

Length: 1.7m (67in)
Width: 86cm (34in)
item 1743 £4500

Stone courtyard trough

Length: 1.42m (56in)
Width: 65cm (25.5in)
item 1728 £2900

Fabulous scale - over 6ft. long and 3ft. wide

Length: 2.01m (79in)
Width: 1.05m (41.5in)
item 1741 £5900

Riveted 19thC cast iron planter

Length: 1.02m (40in)
Height: 23cm (9in)
item 1689 £290

Long, shallow limestone trough

Length: 2.08m (almost 7ft)
Height: 38cm (15in)
item 1558 £5200

Monumental 18th century trough

Length: 2.42m (almost 8ft)
Width: 1.11m (43.5in)
item 1683 £7500

Antique stone garden trough

Length: 1.72m (68in)
Width: 87cm (34in)
item 1679 £4800

Rare monumental 18thC trough

Length: 1.97m (77.5in)
Width: 1.03m (40.5in)
item 1625 £5900

Monumental stone trough

Height: 79cm (31in)
Overall diameter: 1.17m (46in)
item 1623 £5500

Very large 19thC stone trough

Height: 76cm (30in)
Overall diameter: 1.03m (40.5in)
item 1622 £4900

19thC stone sink trough

Length: 78cm (30.5in)
Width: 52cm (20.5in)
item 1637 £195

Rare demi lune wall fountain

Height: 60cm (24in)
Overall width: 1.10 (43.25in)
item 1533 £3950

Large 18thC stone garden trough

Length: 1.7m (67in)
Width: 90cm (35.5in)
item 1552 £4900

Large 18thC limestone staddlestone

Height: 65cm (25.5in)
Top diameter: 57cm (22.5in)
item 1546 £350

18thC wellhead

Height: 47cm (18.5in)
Width: 1.08 x 1.08 (42.5in square)
item 1112 £2750

18thC open fronted trough

Width: 1.5m (59in)
Depth: (front to back) 95cm (37.5in)
item 1371 £950

Large limestone trough

Length: 1.85m (73in)
Width: 99cm (39in)
item 1278 £5200